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Private Isla Mujeres Catamaran Trip

Isla Mujeres is one of those emblematic places that any person who travels to the Riviera Maya must visit. There are a lot of things to visit in Isla Mujeres: MUSA (a sub-aquatic art museum), Garrafon Natural Reef Park, Tortugranja (a sea turtle’s sanctuary and rehabilitation center) and the Mayan temple dedicated to Ixchel, the Mayan goddess of love, fertility and the moon. But just visiting the sandy beaches can be reason enough to take a trip to Isla Mujeres!

However, if you are a seasoned traveler or just a person who understands that traveling, as life, is more about the journey than the destination; then you’ll know the advantages of booking an Isla Mujeres Catamaran trip on a private vessel. Even if you’ve traveled to the island in the past, sailing on a private catamaran to Isla Mujeres from Cancun offers a different perspective on the whole experience.

What makes the Moana tour so different?

We are not brokers. Our Moana catamaran is attended by the owner himself, a French chef & sommelier. (See more about the Moana here)

Aboard the Moana you will have a one-of-a-kind experience in Cancun, with gourmet food and fine wines, along with the 10-star service, our previous clients rave about!

The Main Advantages of Taking a Private Tour to Isla Mujeres on Our Private Catamaran:

  • A private Isla Mujeres catamaran tour offers intimacy and privacy. You’ll be able to relax and be yourself when sailing across the Caribbean Sea with your family, friends or just your significant other
  • Our catamaran is spacious, comfortable and larger than other kind of vessels. It has a wide deck, big cabins and a gorgeous 360° view. This provides plenty of space for sunbathing, eating, playing and socializing.
  • It’s your own tour. Say goodbye to crowded boats, hotels tours, noises and those people who get a little too rowdy after sipping too much cheap tequila at the open bar. This catamaran will be yours for a few hours and you’ll set the pace. Want to spend a few more minutes under the water? Go ahead. The crew will be happy to please you and make your trip as comfortable as it can be.
  • Isla Mujeres is a nice, true typical Mexican town, with gorgeous beaches and the perfect places to do some souvenir shopping. If you go on a private tour, you’ll set the time and pace to stroll, shop and enjoy, without rushing.
  • Sailing on the Moana always means a smooth ride, since a catamaran offers more stability than other types of vessels. This boat has 2 hulls, it doesn't heel under way and doesn’t move side to side, but up and down, so It’s easier to move around on board. It’s more suitable and safer for children, the elderly and those prone to motion sickness.

Sail on our Luxury Catamaran To Isla Mujeres From Cancun

Upgrade your trip to Isla Mujeres by booking our luxury catamaran. Let us exceed your expectations.

Cruising from Cancun to Isla Mujeres on the Moana is something different to any tour you’ve taken before.

Our tours to Isla Mujeres

You can always call us at +52 998 734 8568 or +52 998 240 8991 and we can suggest an exclusive tour for you based on your specific needs

Group Charter - Up to 15 People

  • Open bar
  • Time Downtown (only on 5+ hours service)
  • Food cooked on-board (optional)
  • Snorkeling tour

4 hours from $1,400 USD

6 hours from $1,750 USD

Extra hour from $230 USD

Luxury Service - Up to 8 People

  • Premium open bar
  • 3-Course gourmet meal cooked on-board with wine
  • Time Downtown (only on 5+ hours service)
  • Snorkeling tour

4 hours from $1,400 USD
6 hours from $1,750 USD
Extra hour from $230 USD

Group Sunset Cruise - 10-15 People

  • Open bar
  • Premium "Tapas" service (2 hours)

3 hours service - $122 USD per person
This is a private service and we require 10 persons minimum and 15 persons maximum.

Private Sunset Dinner - Up to 6 People

  • Premium open bar
  • 3-Course gourmet dinner cooked on-board with wine

3 hours service - $1,200 USD, 2 persons
Each extra person - $100 USD, up to 6 persons
Extra hours: Contact us for availability

Some TripAdvisor reviews on our Isla Mujeres Catamaran Trip

We have 100% positive ratings. All of our reviews are 5 stars and we are proud to say it's because we work hard to offer the best attention to all of our guests.

There's something that almost every review about us hast in common: they all love Patrick and the food he cooks aboard.

Gourmet meals and top-quality beverages are the trademarks of our luxury experience.

But that’s not all. From the very moment you make your reservation, our friendly and patient staff will be there for you. They will also receive you at the marina and escort you on board to start your day of luxury and relaxation.

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Above & Beyond...

My friends and I booked a 7 hour snorkeling tour on the Moana and it was fabulous!

I had read all of the great reviews but our experience even surpassed my high expectations!

The boat was immaculate, food and drinks were delicious and the service was outstanding!!

Everyone in our group of 12 raved about the excursion! To Patrick and staff: thank you, thank you, thank you! We can't wait to return!


Houston, Texas

Wonderful and Relaxing!

Our Sunset cruise on the Moana was delightful!


We had 15 family members ranging from 10 to 78, and everyone was comfortable. Patrick and his crew kept us entertained and pampered. They even provided snorkeling gear, and a guide, and took us to a swimming spot for the kids.

The younger kids enjoyed being out in front in the "splash zone". The crew keep the boat spotless, and kept us "well fed and watered". It was a beautiful afternoon and lovely sunset.

Let's do it again!!

AnnMarie O

Austin, Texas

Highlight of our vacation

We went out on the moana on November 7 th with 15 friends and it was perfect, just as all the other reviews have said, Patrick and his crew were excellent!

Everyone with our group and I mean everyone said it was the best part of their vacation. I think cooking the food on board added a special touch and the food was wonderful. 

Thanks again Patrick and Crew for making my wifes 50th and our friends 53 birthday a time to remember.


Columbus, Ohio

Why Come to Isla Mujeres and Rent our Private Catamaran?

Located just 8 miles off the Cancun coast, this small island used to be almost a secret with dreamy beaches and without the hotel zone crowds. But the best things can’t be kept secret for that long, and today it is a really popular destination when traveling to Cancun.

There are a lot of alternatives to visiting this small piece of paradise: cruises, ferries, hotel tours and private tours are the most used, but if you yearn for glamour and comfort, you need the very best option: a private catamaran to Isla Mujeres from Cancun.

Our private catamaran charter experience offers an Isla Mujeres all-inclusive tour from Cancun, so stop worrying about menial details and set  sail with your family or friends on our luxury catamaran. Our tours include sailing across the Caribbean Sea, meals cooked on board or snacks, an open bar and snorkeling.

Your main host, and Moana's owner, is Patrick Jouault, who is fluent in French, English and Spanish, and has strong catering & sommelier background. His cosmopolitan background and true passion for sailing will make your trip to Isla Mujeres a lavish adventure.

Just read some of our TripAdvisor reviews to understand how perfect it is to sail on our catamaran and what make us so different from other cruises.

All-Inclusive Isla Mujeres Catamaran Tour From Cancun

Our all-inclusive Isla Mujeres tour includes taking time to get to know Isla Mujeres. You can enjoy the white, powdery sand at Playa Norte, with its shallow waters that are calm and easy to swim in. Perfect if you have kids. It’s considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  It is idyllic, and a good place to swim and play. After that, you can take a stroll in the cute coastal town and do some souvenir shopping.

Do you want to go snorkeling? No problem, our crew will take you to a secluded area, without crowds or strong waves. The goal is to let you enjoy yourself underwater with our guidance and to interact with our wildlife in a respectful and close way. Explore the cerulean waters, and swim with hundreds of tropical fish and sea turtles at your own pace.

Got your own snorkeling gear? Great! If not, we’ll provide it.

Your safety is very important for us, and our staff will always be nearby to help you (and your kids) if there’s an issue. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy the whole experience without worrying about anything.

After diving into the ocean, you’ll return to the Moana to get one of the best meals of your whole trip. Patrick will cook a lavish, delectable feast, fit for a king. Forget about those cheap frozen hamburgers & chips so common on other tours. We're talking about lobster, fresh salad, risotto, flambéed desserts and more!

True gourmet meals, perfectly paired with an exquisite top-quality wine.

If you choose the luxury experience, you’ll be able to choose your meals from a special menu before taking the Isla Mujeres tour from Cancun. You can also tell us your drink preferences, and Patrick will select wines especially for you; because eating on the Moana is not something you do only to calm your hunger, it is a sensory experience, made to delight your senses and complement your trip.

Taking an Isla Mujeres boat tour can be just one more activity to fill up your itinerary or it could be the highlight of your trip to Cancun!

The only thing you need to do to upgrade your experience is to book our catamaran trip to Isla Mujeres on the Moana.

Sailing to Isla Mujeres with us is an unforgettable cruise that will make you fall in love the Caribbean sea and the Riviera Maya.

We know that you’ll be back.

If you’re planning to take a tour to Isla Mujeres, you now know what to do!

Rent our luxury catamaran and sail, swim or just relax in the crystal-clear waters of the Bay of Cancun and Isla Mujeres

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