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Yacht Rental in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen yacht rentals can be a boring and touristy experience. It’s one of those typical tours that almost everybody in Cancun takes, as suggested by their resort manager. Most boat rentals include sailing for a couple of hours in a cruise shared with lots of strangers, eating chips and salsa as a picnic lunch, drinking cheap beer and spirits and a quick jaunt to Isla Mujeres,

It’s nice, because islands and coral reefs are just gorgeous, but those tours are crowded and sometimes messy.

You can do better with our private yacht charter.

Mexico, Cancun and the whole Riviera Maya, are all magical destination that can be diluted by those tourist-oriented tours. To really appreciate the vibrant colors of the sky, that turquoise water and pristine sand and feel them in your soul, you need a more dedicated and special experience. One where you can really enjoy the salty breeze mixed with the glorious taste of an exquisite wine or a refreshing beverage.

You deserve comfort, luxury and the best service.

You deserve our Moana Yacht Charter

What makes the Moana yacht charter so different?

O​​​​ur Catamaran Tours

You can always call us at +52 998 734 8568 or +52 998 240 8991 and we can suggest an exclusive tour for you based on your specific needs

Group Charter - Up to 25 People

  • Open bar
  • Time Downtown (only on 5+ hours service)
  • Food cooked on-board (optional)
  • Snorkeling tour

4 hours from $1,400 USD

6 hours from $1,750 USD

Extra hour from $230 USD

Luxury Service - Up to 8 People

  • Premium open bar
  • 3-Course gourmet meal cooked on-board with wine
  • Time Downtown (only on 5+ hours service)
  • Snorkeling tour

4 hours from $1,400 ​USD
6 hours from $1,750 ​USD
Extra hour from $230 USD

Group Sunset Cruise - 10-20 People

  • Open bar
  • Premium "Tapas" service (2 hours)

3 hours service - $122 USD per person
This is a private service and we require 10 persons minimum and 20 persons maximum.

Private Sunset Dinner - Up to 6 People

  • Premium open bar
  • 3-Course gourmet dinner cooked on-board with wine

3 hours service - $1,200 USD, 2 persons
Each extra person - $100 USD, up to 6 persons
Extra hours: Contact us for availability

Night On Board - Up to 4 People

  • 3 Meals cooked on board
  • 3-Course gourmet dinner cooked on-board with wine
  • Premium open bar

24 hours. $2,500 USD

Read some of our FIVE STAR reviews!


Above & Beyond...

My friends and I booked a 7 hour snorkeling tour on the Moana and it was fabulous!

I had read all of the great reviews but our experience even surpassed my high expectations!

The boat was immaculate, food and drinks were delicious and the service was outstanding!!

Everyone in our group of 12 raved about the excursion! To Patrick and staff: thank you, thank you, thank you! We can't wait to return!



Houston, Texas


Wonderful and Relaxing!

Our Sunset cruise on the Moana was delightful!


We had 15 family members ranging from 10 to 78, and everyone was comfortable. Patrick and his crew kept us entertained and pampered. They even provided snorkeling gear, and a guide, and took us to a swimming spot for the kids.

The younger kids enjoyed being out in front in the "splash zone". The crew keep the boat spotless, and kept us "well fed and watered". It was a beautiful afternoon and lovely sunset.

Let's do it again!!


AnnMarie O

Austin, Texas


Highlight of our vacation

We went out on the moana on November 7 th with 15 friends and it was perfect, just as all the other reviews have said, Patrick and his crew were excellent!

Everyone with our group and I mean everyone said it was the best part of their vacation. I think cooking the food on board added a special touch and the food was wonderful. 

Thanks again Patrick and Crew for making my wifes 50th and our friends 53 birthday a time to remember.



Columbus, Ohio

Advantages of Booking Catamaran Tours in Playa del Carmen

Vacations are solid investments in your happiness—a way to collect memories to cherish in the future, life experiences that can transform your soul.

You can’t avoid the sensations of feeling the gentle kiss of the breeze in your hair, watching a multicolored sunset while gliding across the breathtakingly beautiful turquoise Caribbean sea on a sailboat. Let the Moana yacht charter take you on the most memorable adventure of your Riviera Maya trip. This is more than a simple snorkeling tour—it’s a luxury experience that will change your idea of enjoying a natural environment.

It’s different to see the sunset from a comfortable catamaran than doing it from a smaller boat.

Here are some advantages of booking a catamaran tour in Playa del Carmen:

- Our yacht offers more stability:

A catamaran is a solid ship that has two hulls. This makes it more stable; it doesn’t float over the waves and it moves up and down, not side to side. There’s less tilt than on a sailing ship, which is great when cruising with little kids or people prone to seasickness. The Moana can glide effortlessly through the sea, so you’ll enjoy a smooth ride.

- It’s bigger:

There’s more room to enjoy because there's a large space between the hulls. Enjoy the sun or just play in the splash zone with your kids. Our yacht is a luxury vessel that you can roam around and enjoy while sailing, even with bigger groups.

- Smaller draft:

A smaller draft means that it will be easier to sail closer to the beach. With bigger boats, you’d need a dinghy or tender to reach the coast. Our catamaran can sail close to the shore of beautiful islands that you can explore, like Isla Mujeres.

- Catamarans don’t sink

Let’s face it. If you don’t have that much experience sailing, you can be afraid of spending the whole day on a cruise adventure to snorkel in the middle of nowhere. Don’t worry. Our Yacht is very safe, almost unsinkable and will float indefinitely. Together with our safety-expert crew, this will make your private yacht charter experience the safest experience possible.

No traveling experience is the same, and each person comes to Cancun or any other place in the Riviera Maya with different expectations and desires to be fulfilled, but we are very certain that we can please any traveler. We are ready to offer a wholesome experience.

Our Moana yacht charter is a revolutionary private boat rental service that is setting the bar high in Playa del Carmen due to our top-quality attention, gourmet food, personalized tours and spotless vessel.

We know that every traveler is different, and we want to offer whatever is necessary to make you fall in love with the magical Riviera Maya. Come to feel even more alive among hundreds of tropical fish, in the middle of the blue sea. Let’s collect more treasurable memories aboard the Moana boat charter. Don’t hesitate—contact us for more information today!

If you’re planning to rent a yacht in Playa del Carmen, you now know what to do!

Rent our luxury catamaran and sail, swim or just relax in the crystal-clear waters of the Bay of Cancun and Isla Mujeres

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