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All-Inclusive Yacht Tours from Cancun to Isla Mujeres

Charter your own Private Yacht in Cancun

Cancun is a place where dreams come true, a place where party never ends, an experience that you can enjoy by yourself or with a group.

Cancun isn´t just a vacation spot near water, it´s a living and breathing city brimming with life, yachts, luxury, tradition, music, tropical sun, coral reefs, the smell of coconuts and sand. Is nothing short of a paradise.

Picture waking up to the sound of the waves as the Riviera Maya’s sun rises from the Caribbean Sea, just to find a private yacht waiting for you, to take you around the coast, away from every worry, away from civilization; just you, your loved ones, and a wonderful crew ready to cater to your every wish.

It doesn't matter if you are planning a family vacation, a romantic getaway, an office or grad trip, or just some well deserved alone time; the Riviera Maya has exactly what you need. While the main attraction of places like Cancun or Playa del Carmen might be spending time at the beach, there is so much more that this wonderful tropical experience has to offer.

What makes the Moana tour so different?

Moana is a beautiful 40 foot Catamaran with 4 rooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and a grill.

We are not brokers, our Moana catamaran is attended by the owner himself, the French chef & sommelier (see more about the Moana here), unlike many yacht charters in Cancun.

What sets our services apart from other yacht rentals is our amazing captain, Patrick Jouault, that, after spending most of his professional career as a chef and a wine specialist, has decided to stay in Mexico and combine his greatest loves: food, wine and the Caribbean Sea.

Our clients can attest to the result: a paradise like experience with a culinary twist: gourmet food and fine wines, making us one of the best yacht rentals service in Cancun.

Rent our Luxury All Inclusive Yacht in Cancun

There are a several options to arrive to Isla Mujeres, including rental boats, tours and ferries, with the caveat that you have to share it with other tourists. This usually means that you have to stick to a tight schedule.

But If you really want to feel the magic and the beauty of the Caribbean Sea, you can avoid all the hassle by renting a luxury yacht.

Our Yacht Tours

You can always call us at +52 998 734 8568 or +52 998 240 8991 and we can suggest an exclusive tour for you based on your specific needs

Group Charter - Up to 15 People

  • Open bar
  • Time Downtown (only on 5+ hours service)
  • Food cooked on-board (optional)
  • Snorkeling tour (snorkeling equipment included)

4 hours from $1,400 USD

6 hours from $1,750 USD

Extra hour from $230 USD

Luxury Service - Up to 8 People

  • Premium open bar
  • 3-Course gourmet meal cooked on-board with wine
  • Time Downtown (only on 5+ hours service)
  • Snorkeling tour (snorkeling equipment included)

4 hours from $1,400 USD
6 hours from $1,750 USD
Extra hour from $230 USD

Group Sunset Cruise - 10-15 People

  • Open bar
  • Premium "Tapas" service (2 hours)

3 hours service - $122 USD per person
This is a private service and we require 10 persons minimum and 15 persons maximum.

Private Sunset Dinner - Up to 6 People

  • Premium open bar
  • 3-Course gourmet dinner cooked on-board with wine

3 hours service - $1,200 USD, 2 persons
Each extra person - $100 USD, up to 6 persons
Extra hours: Contact us for availability

Read some of our FIVE STAR reviews!

Above & Beyond...

My friends and I booked a 7 hour snorkeling tour on the Moana and it was fabulous!

I had read all of the great reviews but our experience even surpassed my high expectations!

The boat was immaculate, food and drinks were delicious and the service was outstanding!!

Everyone in our group of 12 raved about the excursion! To Patrick and staff: thank you, thank you, thank you! One of the best yacht charters in Cancun! We can't wait to return!


Houston, Texas

Wonderful and Relaxing!

Our Sunset cruise on the Moana was delightful!


We had 15 family members ranging from 10 to 78, and everyone was comfortable. Patrick and his crew kept us entertained and pampered. They even provided snorkeling gear, and a guide, and took us to a swimming spot for the kids.

The younger kids enjoyed being out in front in the "splash zone". The crew keep the boat spotless, and kept us "well fed and watered". It was a beautiful afternoon and lovely sunset.

Let's do it again!!

AnnMarie O

Austin, Texas

Highlight of our vacation

We went out on the moana on November 7 th with 15 friends and it was perfect, just as all the other reviews have said, Patrick and his crew were excellent!

Everyone with our group and I mean everyone said it was the best part of their vacation. I think cooking the food on board added a special touch and the food was wonderful. 

Thanks again Patrick and Crew for making my wifes 50th and our friends 53 birthday a time to remember.


Columbus, Ohio

Luxury Yacht Charter in Cancun for every Event

Cancun is a great option if you want to host an event that your guests will remember forever, nothing says special like a weekend in Riviera Maya. And while you may think that it’s expensive, it’s actually quite fordable for the great and outstanding experience that you’ll be giving to people you care for.

A fully equipped Catamaran like Moana is the perfect venue for a social gathering, our services come with 4 bedrooms, bathrooms, a stocked bar, a kitchen, a grill and meals, so you have everything you need for a quiet and calm event with friends and family, for an all out party at sea, or for some adventuring, snorkeling or swimming.

Whatever you are thinking for your vacation, we can accommodate. Flexibility is key here, you can charter our services for a few hours, a whole day, or even for an overnight trip; with a private catamaran rental, you are not bound to the tight schedule of regular tours.

A yatch for love and privacy

Many people feel like tours around Cancun are a perfect honeymoon trip (and they are absolutely right) but the Riviera Maya can be so much more than that. How about a wedding? Or an anniversary trip? Or a quick and private getaway for lovers? What could be more romantic than sailing a luxury yacht riding along the coast while embracing your lover? Romance and boats go hand in hand.

There are usually two kinds of weddings: the big party with lots of guests, loud music, food and drinks, or the small private wedding with a dozen or so of you closest friends and family sharing a great moment together.

If you favor the second kind, then a private catamaran is the perfect rental option for you. Imagine taking your vows in a wedding dress on the prow of the ship while sailing the coast of Isla Mujeres. After all the pictures and formality, you go to the deck, get changed into a swimsuit and then spend the rest of the day celebrating with premium drinks and gourmet food. It´s like having a wedding and a honeymoon at the same time!.

If you are looking to celebrate your anniversary, you can always opt for the great experience of a private trip and spending a full day in our Catamaran. 

What a better way to rekindle the passion than a wonderful dinner and fine wine under the night sky in the middle of the sea. Our crew will make sure that every single one of your needs is catered to. Our cooked-on-board dinner course is a culinary journey filled with delicious flavors and sweet and delicate desserts.

And with our night on board experience, by the end of the day you can retire to your room, embrace your significant other and let sleep carry you away with the gentle sound of the waves.

Renting a catamaran for family gatherings

Family vacations are always a great opportunity to spend quality time with your family, and a trip to Cancun is the perfect way to break away from the routine. Boats are equally relaxing and fun, providing a quiet space for the elderly and an adventure filled experience for the younger ones. Our 4 hour service includes a three-course meal, a snorkeling tour in Isla Mujeres and custom selected drinks for you and your family members.

Luxury yachts are a perfect safe space for children, they get to play around at sea all day long and you don’t have to worry about them as you would in a public beach. Its also a great opportunity to spend time together doing family activities, like water sports, swimming or fishing. Boat charters also provide great education opportunities, it’s not often that we find the place and time to teach our kids about the wonders of nature, and the reasons why we need to preserve them.

Enjoy our tours while you spend quality time the family, get to share some amazing moments worth remembering. Charter our catamaran for that private and personal experience that you simply cannot get with shared boats.

Yacht Charters in Riviera Maya, mixing business and pleasure

While most people think of Cancun as a place to get away from your work, others see it as a business opportunity, as there is no better way to reward your most prized workers, business allies or potential customers than with a luxury yacht.

Yachts are synonymous with luxury, and a trip to Cancun would be the perfect prize for a team who did great on a job. A relaxing trip after a long year is a great way to release the accumulated stress as well as a great opportunity to interact with your colleagues in a non-professional environment such as yachts. It is a well now fact that good teams share bonding opportunities outside work, the more you know each other, the more you trust your team and the better you function together.

On the other hand, perhaps you are trying to catch a big fish, and to win big, you have to think big; the privacy of a private yacht rental and the relaxing experience of the sea are the perfect space to get to know a new business partner and to discuss the future of your work while snorkeling, having a few drinks or eating a fine meal with a hand picked wine to go along with it. 

Rent our Private All Inclusive Yacht in Cancun

Yacht charters in Cancun are a guarantee of privacy, relaxation, enjoyment, and a customized experience. And we prize ourselves as one of the best services in Riviera Maya and all of Mexico. We are all about making this journey your trip, when you hire our services we will contact you to talk about your personal preferences, as well as the kind of food you would like during your trip. Patrick, Moana's captain, likes to buy the ingredients a day before the journey, so you get to experience a great meal that is both delightful and fresh.

Our yacht crew is there to please you, and we like to think that is a core value of our people, as other clients have described Patrick as a ¨friendly¨, ¨caring¨, ¨amicable¨ and ¨gentle¨captain..

We believe firmly that we are one of the best yacht charters in Cancun, and we take that very seriously, if you are still undecided or have any questions, just give us a call, we would love to hear what you are picturing so we can turn it into reality.

If you’re coming to Cancun, you now know what to do!

Rent our luxury yacht and sail, swim or just relax in the crystal-clear waters of the Bay of Cancun and Isla Mujeres

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